Howler monkey la Danta Project Peten Guatemala

Howler Monkeys in the Morning

Howler monkeys singing in the morning – that’s what we have here at la Danta Project. Nearly every morning you can hear the Howler Monkeys singing – there’s a troop that likes to hang a couple hundred yards down the beach. We see and hear howler monkeys all the time. Cool animals. Don’t need to Read more about Howler Monkeys in the Morning[…]

coconut oil peten guatemala

Coconut oil workshop

Adolfo’s coconut workshop was a success! Eight adventure travelers made their own coconut oil. We can arrange a coconut oil workshop for you too. We’re working on getting the coconut oil workshop down to 3 hours. As well, we prefer at least 48 hours advance notice to schedule your coconut oil workshop. Coconut milk generally Read more about Coconut oil workshop[…]

Traveler Videos / la Danta Project

Nothing better than hearing and seeing it direct from la Danta Project adventure travelers. All we really need is a 30 second video – more if you like. We prefer sharing every person’s own words here on our site. BTW – really need a new camera, the audio is shot on our current camera and Read more about Traveler Videos / la Danta Project[…]

Tikal la Danta Project Peten Guatemala

Getting to Tikal

Getting to Tikal is cheap and easy from la Danta Project. Transport leaves for Tikal every 30 minutes. Grab a bus to the ‘la Tranka’ and go to the ‘Termnal de Buses’ en ‘el Mercado Viejo’. The Tikal employee shuttle leaves at 8:30AM and they’ve always got a seat for an extra traveler or three. Read more about Getting to Tikal[…]