Avocado Oil

Avocado Oil Workshop

New!!! Avocado Oil Workshop – 1 morning for 35Q – paid direct to the Maya. You buy the avocados in the local market, make and take the oil with you. This workshop is led by a local Maya woman. You will love your avocado oil workshop – great teachers who enjoy every moment of life. Read more about Avocado Oil Workshop[…]

ocellated turkey - el Mirador jungle trek

ocellated turkey, el Mirador / la Danta and a FREE helicopter ride in the cradle of the ancient Maya

The¬†ocellated turkey is a beautiful bird and our last group that did the el Mirador jungle trek saw one. Rado from Romania was part of the group – he got a FREE ride back from el Mirador / la Danta on a helicopter. Why? Because the rich people in the helicopter were totally impressed with Read more about ocellated turkey, el Mirador / la Danta and a FREE helicopter ride in the cradle of the ancient Maya[…]

Howler monkey la Danta Project Peten Guatemala

Howler Monkeys in the Morning

Howler monkeys singing in the morning – that’s what we have here at la Danta Project. Nearly every morning you can hear the Howler Monkeys singing – there’s a troop that likes to hang a couple hundred yards down the beach. We see and hear howler monkeys all the time. Cool animals. Don’t need to Read more about Howler Monkeys in the Morning[…]

coconut oil peten guatemala

Coconut oil workshop

Adolfo’s coconut workshop was a success! Eight adventure travelers made their own coconut oil. We can arrange a coconut oil workshop for you too. We’re working on getting the coconut oil workshop down to 3 hours. As well, we prefer at least 48 hours advance notice to schedule your coconut oil workshop. Coconut milk generally Read more about Coconut oil workshop[…]

Traveler Videos / la Danta Project

Nothing better than hearing and seeing it direct from la Danta Project adventure travelers. All we really need is a 30 second video – more if you like. We prefer sharing every person’s own words here on our site. BTW – really need a new camera, the audio is shot on our current camera and Read more about Traveler Videos / la Danta Project[…]

Tikal la Danta Project Peten Guatemala

Getting to Tikal

Getting to Tikal is cheap and easy from la Danta Project. Transport leaves for Tikal every 30 minutes. Grab a bus to the ‘la Tranka’ and go to the ‘Termnal de Buses’ en ‘el Mercado Viejo’. The Tikal employee shuttle leaves at 8:30AM and they’ve always got a seat for an extra traveler or three. Read more about Getting to Tikal[…]

Gabriella and Robin from France taking care of the dishes at la Danta Project in Peten Guatemala

Robin and Gabriella from France

Gabriella and Robin arrived and spent their first couple nights at the beach. Now they are staying with Kinsey and her Maya family in a great little apartment sort of thing with a private patio. Kinsey is taking them to a community developed ecotour park with a huge tower that takes you into the jungle Read more about Robin and Gabriella from France[…]

Fishing with Edy at Sunset

Ayane from Japan volunteers

Our most recent traveler arrived two days ago, Ayane from Japan. She shared a few meals and spent the first night here on the beach. Ayane wanted to stay with a local family. After a trip with the group to a local Maya pyramid right up the road and a tour of a local organic Read more about Ayane from Japan volunteers[…]

William and Vaca at la Danta in Peten Guatemala

William is the coolest 8 year old on the planet and Vaca is our constant companion in everything we do at la Danta. Vaca gets a bath once-a-week and William wishes he could do the same. Few things are more important to a young man than his dog. We hope you’ll enjoy Vaca the Super Read more about William and Vaca at la Danta in Peten Guatemala[…]