David Apatoff cashew tree planted

David Apatoff cashew tree planted

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David Apatoff - Certificate of Appreciation

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see my tree with a Maya family in Peten Guatemala

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  • Yes, we plant trees with Maya Families in Peten Guatemala. Each tree is $5 each. For an Extra $10, we’ll include a Certificate of Appreciation. For an Extra $20, we’ll include the Certificate of Appreciation and a video of up to 30 seconds.

    Your tree will be adopted and nurtured by a Maya Guatemalan family. We’ll include a photo of your tree, your name, your host family and its exact location at laDanta Project’s website Offset your Carbon Footprint with a tree in Guatemala! Trees last a lifetime. Flowers last a week, tops. Give a Tree from la Danta Project! Thanks for Your Support! laDanta Project – sustainable social development – permaculture!

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