November 16, 2015

Frequently Asked Questions + Reservations

la Danta PROJECTla Danta Project is designed for slower travelers. A pre-paid 3 night stay at 35Q (less than $5) per night from everyone who arrives (105Q). If you decide to leave early, that’s fine but not our preference – again, we’re designed for slower travelers.

The 3-night minimum creates more peace and is better fit for our Maya communities.

So there are no misunderstandings, this project is NOT about living the hostel life. This is about staying with real Maya families and living the real Maya life with the good and kind people of Petén – home to the birthplace of Maya civilization.

Travelers arrive daily from Flores, el Remate, Santa Elena, Semuc Champey, Tikal, Belize, Chetumal, Palenque, Atitlan, Antigua, Guatemala City – and they always say the same thing…

…wish we knew about this place before!

It’s easy to make a reservation – no card/money/PayPal needed – all you do is LIKE la Danta Project at Facebook and then Register / Save Your Spot.

Once those bits are done, we’ll save your spot, send you a confirmation and hold your spot until sunset on your arrival day. If you don’t show, we’ll give your spot the next kind soul, sitting here, chilling in a hammock, swimming on the beach… waiting for a spot. Other than the reservation system outlined above, there is NO OTHER WAY to guarantee a spot will be waiting for you at la Danta Project.

Save Your Spot..

Like laDanta Project @Facebook

Step #1… Like laDanta Project @Facebook

Register and Save Your Spot @laDanta Project

Step #2… Register and Save Your Spot @laDanta Project

Yes – la Danta Project is an initiative of a registered Guatemala NonProfit. We’re simply about helping poor Maya families, promoting permaculture, keeping the bills paid and providing you with an authentic Maya adventure-traveler experience. La Danta Project is NOT about buying gas for new 4X4s or siphoning money to buy new homes/ranches.

Yes – a shared kitchen is available.

Yes – restaurants are everywhere: dine-in, take-out and delivery.

Yes – mosquito nets available, not really needed. There are very few mosquitoes here.

Yes – we have beds, dorms, private rooms, private apartments, hammocks and Maya family homestays (35Q per night and 20Q maximum per meal or use your homestay family’s kitchen and buy+prepare your own food). We also have higher-priced beach suites just 3 minutes across the lake from Flores in our newest Maya beach community of San Miguel, sitting at the base of a Maya pyramid – awesome views of Flores and the Maya sunsets over lake Peten Itza. In any case, clean, sweep+mop and wash everything before you leave or hire a local community member to do it for you. Leave everything for next arriving traveler as it was given to you, preferably a wee bit better.

Yes – it’s easy to get to our Meet-and-Greet Home, receive a proper orientation and then be introduced around within our collection of Maya beach communities. The Meet-and-Greet Home is loaded with dozens of medicinal Maya jungle plants, fruit trees, wild iguanas and our resident wild Maya duck ‘Little Duck’. It’s a great little Maya food forest. We’re starting some chinampa construction along the banks of the creek that runs through the middle of the property. Chinampas – groovy ancient Maya aquaponic stuff – same as the ancient Maya used thousands of years ago. See the map.

Map to Meet and Greet Home for laDanta Project

Map to Meet and Greet Home for laDanta Project

If you’re coming from Chiapas/Palenque, you’ll most likely need to demand to be dropped at the hospital in San Benito, as their only goal is to drive you to the cash machine, fill your pockets with money, then straight to Flores to sell you crap and earn commissions. Once you’re out of the shuttle and in front of the hospital, cross the street and wait for the next chicken/fish bus/tuktuk headed West – the Meet-and-Greet/orientation home is 3 minutes down the road – see the map.

There are no addresses in our little Maya beach villages.

Yes – you can volunteer on your own, as a couple, family or group: organic gardening/farming, English classes for kids, computer classes for kid, work with Maya families who need your help – or anything else you care to initiate. Create and manifest as you like.

Yes – there’s plenty of purified water and food for any type of diet in all our Maya beach communities.

Yes – after we’ve gotten to know you and you’ve completed your orientation, will always consider a trade of work for accommodations/food on an individual basis. Share your desire of a trade for accommodations/food once you’ve completed your orientation. Happy to support the travels of hardworking, like-minded bipeds. No freeloaders. No drainbows.

Yes – internet/WiFi is available everywhere at 5Q per hour to 10Q per day in the local Internet cafes. Wifi is FREE at the Meet-and-Greet compound and dedicated USB modems with private Wifi are available starting at 25Q per day.

Yes – whatever your sexual identity / coupling – no one cares / no worries – easy on the PDA as it’s not culturally appropriate within the Maya communities where la Danta Project is located.

Yes – activities and workshops of all types are available: coconut oil, avocado oil, Maya cooking, Maya calendar, Maya jungle medicine, Maya hammock weaving, Maya boat building/repair and more. Or study any of the three languages spoken in the  Maya villages we serve: Spanish, Maya Itza and Q’eqchi’. Or, choose an adventure to Motul, Tikal, Uaxactun, Yaxha, el Mirador, el Zotz and more. Nothing is free. No discounts.

Yes – all donations/payments/pecuniary-based transactions are made directly to the families and locals who facilitate the various adventuresworkshops and homestays. So there are no misunderstandings – as stated above, 15% of whatever you pay to the families and locals is re-gifted back to support la Danta Project. You will see homestay families and locals giving their 15% back to the project – if this bothers you, don’t participate with la Danta Project.

Yes – there are clubs, bars and dancing too – this is real, rural Guatemala – even still, sometimes lazer lights with fog and DJs.

Yes – veggie diets are easy. Vegan is a bit of challenge, but it can be done.

Yes – we’re happy to help you with treks/tours/trips to anywhere you like: Tikal, la Danta / el Mirador, Yaxha, Semuc Champey, Maya islands, Maya lakes, Maya caves and river, Uaxactun, Flores, el Remate, Belize, Chiapas, Rio Dulce, Lake Atitlan, Antigua and more… everything always as sustainable as possible – permaculture.

Yes – we can get you to Tikal for the sunset tour – we don’t recommend the sunrise tour. Tikal sunset tour is better anyway. Nevertheless, the we can also hook you up with a Tikal sunrise tour and even a Yaxah sunset tour, if you like.

Yes – we have more and better el Mirador Trek information and pricing than anyone else in the entire area. Base your el Mirador Trekin Peten Guatemala from right here at la Danta Project. Yes, you can do el Mirador and visit la Danta, biggest pyramid in the world, without spending tons of money with commercial / commissioned / middleman / tour operators. We’ll hook you up with everything you need. We’ll be happy to store any extra gear you might have right here while you enjoy the Maya rainforest of el Mirador and la Danta, biggest pyramid in the world. And yes, the la Danta Maya Pyramid is really the largest pyramid in the world. Yes, la Danta Maya Pyramid is also bigger than Cholula / Tlachihualtepetl pyramid in Mexico,  by hundreds-of-thousands of cubic meters.

Yes – you can arrive without your gear, leaving it behind in Flores or wherever, and shop la Danta Project. But, you won’t be warmly received. We have no desire to entertain travel ‘shoppers’ – shopping is not permaculture.

Yes – happy to provide pricing on anything not specifically detailed at our site, once you’ve completed your orientation and paid your first 3 nights (105Q). Our pricing is the best. We don’t provide pricing online/telephone. We never provide refunds for anything. We’re not here to service ‘shoppers’, that’s Not Permaculture.

Yes – this is Central America. Everything is manana (tomorrow) or manana manana or the manana after that. Absolutely nothing is guaranteed. This is not a 5star Resort. This is ALL homestays with local families. We have no room for those with an ‘entitled’ demeanor. La Danta Project is a place for adventure travelers. No whiners, please.