June 4, 2016

Maya Workshops

La Danta’s Maya workshops are only available to travelers staying with la Danta Project.

Maya Chocolate Workshop – learn to make chocolate like the people who invented it more than 3,000 years ago. Cacao was the money of the Maya – a hundred cacao beans was worth a turkey hen or 250Q or 33USD today. The local Maya served chocolate as a warm, frothy drink made with a bit of spice. Very tasty stuff and loaded with 4X more antioxidants than modern chocolate. You’ll prepare and process your authentic Maya chocolate entirely by hand and with the help of a wood fire and a grinding stone, just like the ancient Maya. 2 hours + 250Q per person

Maya Medicinal Plants Workshop – hands-on workshop working directly with a local Maya medicinal plants expert and learning 12 different ancient Maya medicinal plants. 2 hours + 295Q per person

Maya Coconut Oil Workshop – the best and most natural coconut oil you’ve ever seen. All crafted by a Maya coconut oil artisan. You’ll take a bottle of the coconut oil with you. 2 hours + 275Q per person

Maya Avocado Oil Workshop – birthed in this part of the world, avocados have been farmed here for thousands of years by the ancient Maya. Amazingly fresh, pure and natural avocado oil – a favorite ingredient in expensive cosmetic products. 2 hours + 195Q

Maya Hammock Workshop – you weave your own hammock with the expert assistance of a local Maya Hammock craftswoman. When you’re done, take your  hammock with you – it’s yours – a perfect addition for your travels in Central America. 2 hours + 350Q per person

Maya Jungle Survival Workshop – learn crucial rain forest survival skills from local Maya experts.  You’ll learn how to gather naturally purified water from jungle vines, make wild jungle teas and snake bite treatments and how to gather wild fruit and veggies.The Maya Jungle Survival Workshop runs 4 to 6 hours and includes a trip to Chakok ‘Ot, with pyramids, ballcourt, stela, monkeys and more. Be educated. Be prepared. 4 to 6 hours + 395Q per person

Maya Kitchen Workshop – learn traditional Maya recipes – everyone raves about this woman’s food – yum yum yum. 2 hours + 175Q per person

Maya Boat Building Workshop
coming soon

Maya Atlatl Workshop
coming soon

Maya Fishing Workshop
coming soon

Spanish Language Classes – are held one-on-one with an experienced Spanish teacher. Schedule your Spanish sessions as/when/where you like in any of the Maya beach communities we serve – 35Q per hour per person + 10hour minimum block per person